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Puff Puff Vapors New Nicotine Base v2 – Extended Shelf Life

After much research, formulations, lab tests, and analytical computations, we are proud to announce the release of our new nicotine base v2. Inspired by the question- what happens to nicotine stability over time when our fancy lab storage is no longer used? For nicotine base v2 we shifted our focus towards maintaining a solution free of oxidization over a greater period of time, regardless of the storage container or handling without affecting the taste of our finished products!

Our new nicotine base v2 base is perfect for customers looking to store their e-liquid for extended periods of time without degradation or oxidation. Under ideal conditions we rate the shelf life of this nicotine base to be greater than the estimated two years of our previous nicotine base.

In the image below, we have presented a side-by-side comparison of 6mg/ml nicotine base. These two samples were kept at room temperature while being exposed to O2 (air) over a period of 5 days. It is visually evident in the photo the radical difference in coloration. Our nicotine base V1 is on the left and V2 is on the right you can see the notably absence of a color shift from clear to yellow in the v2 sample compared to the V1 sample.

We hope our customers will enjoy prolonged nicotine stabilization and integrity over a longer period of time now! And as always, we will continue to improve our products with a focus of purity and the longest shelf life possible.

Note: When possible we do recommend you store your e-liquid in a cool, dry, and dark environment. These three things will cause e-liquid to degrade faster: Oxygen, Light, Heat.

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